Handlebar Sessions presented by Karbon Brewing - Vestigio Concert - Saturday Sept 25th - 8:00pm

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An evening of music, DIY, Punk Hardcore, solidarity and activism.

After almost 2 years of a world paralyzed by COVID-19, we are very excited to invite you to the first festival "BREAK THE BORDERS".

While billionaires fly into space and see the world as it truly is, a world without borders, countries around the world continue to restrict the movement of their own peoples within their lands and those who willingly or unwillingly become refugees and immigrants. Join us for an event organized by and for people displaced from their homelands. We invite you to share in their stories of survival and resilience.

Our intention is to create an inclusive space for immigrants, refugees, Latinx, POC, Black, Indigenous and LGBTQI2S+ communities to exchange political, cultural and creative ideas for a better world. We are certain that the only way to make progress is solidarity and union among the oppressed.

BREAK THE BORDERS, physical and in your mind!

10$ / PWYC

The proceeds from this event will be donated to support the legal defense fund for land defenders at 1492 Land Back Lane as well as to Primera Linea/Frontline protesters in the ongoing struggle in Colombia.

City of Toronto COVID precautions on site, let's keep one another safe.